Inclusive society

Effective integration of migrants also requires an inclusive society, therefore it is important for us, beside the support of immigrants and professionals, that the majority society shall become more open and receptive to foreigners coming to Hungary. To this end, we aim to build a bridge between the parties with school and community programs, book publishing and product development.

For primary and secondary school classes we hold critical thinking development sessions across the country. We openly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of migration, providing the students information on the subject with respect to their age and interest.

Within the framework of the monthly Menedék Roundtable we discuss issues related to migration with prominent guest speakers. The aim of the roundtable sessions is to gather and organize the fragmented knowledge on migration and to learn to speak with professionalism and confidence about the most pressing social issues.

At Menedék Film Club every month we show a documentary or feature film that deals with migrant and refugee life situations and depicts characteristic cultural and social encounters. The screening is always followed by a discussion on the impressions of the audience.

In addition to our above-mentioned regular programs, we also join our clients at major festivities (Eid. Christmas, Nowruz, New Year's Eve). In order to increase our social base, we are present at popular festivals (Bánki-tó Festival, Birds’ and Trees’ Day on Kazinczy Street).

We promote cultural diversity by publishing an international cookbook and a photo collection, selling our unique CULT products (T-shirts, bags) labeled by our social enterprise, and organizing thematic city walks.

We organize campaigns to showcase the challenges refugees and migrants face. In our “Welcome migrants!” program we try to find tenants who offer housing at a low-price and within “We work like this” we look for employers who are open to employing foreigners.