Who we are?

Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants has been helping the social integration of immigrants arriving to and departing from Hungary, through a set of social, educational and cultural programs built on more than 20 years of experience.

We have developed a complex system of services that has supported thousands of refugees and other foreigners in finding a new home in Hungary or returning to their home country. We provide support to migrants through individual and group counseling, language lessons and various community programs in order to help them to get to know and understand the Hungarian culture and habits, to find a job and housing, and to find their way out of the administration maze. Our specialists are working in Budapest, Fót, Vámosszabadi, Győr, Kiskunhalas and Nyírbátor.

Menedék offers migrant-specific sensitization trainings for professionals who are in contact with migrants during their work: teachers, social workers, healthcare workers, police officers, and armed security guards.

In addition to supporting immigrants and professionals, it is very important for us to help the majority society become more open and receptive to foreigners, as this is essential for the successful integration of migrants. To this end, we aim to build a bridge between the host society and the immigrants through various educational and cultural projects.

Menedék runs its programs as public benefit activity, without the purpose of generating profit or wealth, in the form of a public benefit association. The Association does not engage in direct political activity, it is independent from political parties and does not provide financial support to them. It does not run or support any candidates in parliamentary elections, and does not accept any party support.