In addition to addressing the majority society, we also consider the training of the professionals to be essential. In order to strengthen cooperation and professional self-knowledge, we offer migrant-specific, intercultural, conflict management and other competence-building trainings for social workers, administrators, educators, child protection professionals, healthcare and law enforcement staff who deal with refugees and migrants, and those who work at refugee reception centers and guarded shelters.

The trainings tailored to the target groups, with varying structure and intensity (16-88 hours long) help the participants on three or more levels:

-In the knowledge-base trainings we provide information on migration, starting from the legal background to the details of a migrant's life situation.

-The encounter of people with different backgrounds is almost always conflicting. Therefore, in our trainings we simulate situations in which the participants can practice how to cooperate effectively with people with different cultural heritage and social habits.

-By developing an open, inclusive attitude, the participants gain competencies that help them identify and manage culture-rooted conflicts in the future. Through our migrant-specific trainings that aim at developing professional self-knowledge, the intercultural competence of the participants develops.