Competent support

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Medjesi Anna
Európai Integrációs Alap

On July 1st 2011, with funds from the EU Integration Fund, we started a new training project called Competent support. During the course of the project, we organize four training courses for professionals involved in assisting migrants. Two of these training courses constitute of 88 hours of training each and focus on social work with refugees and migrants. The other two training courses each include 24 hours of training, and they engage in intercultural competencies and professional self-reflection. Some 64 professionals can participate in these trainings free of charge. We recommend these trainings to those experts who are exposed to third country nationals through their work and who want to work with them more effectively. Our target group includes: social workers, public administration employees, family centers’ representatives, child protective services specialists, immigration officers, teachers, medical professionals, higher education providers and civil society actors. The trainings’ syllabi were designed to benefit all of our diverse participants. The project includes an impact measurement study that will be delivered to assess the impact of our previous trainings. The study will include 60+20 training participants. The following tools will be utilized in the study: a survey, interviews, database creation, data analysis, research study writing. This analysis will contribute to improving our trainings’ effectiveness. A two-day professional conference will constitute the project’s closing event, and it aims to draw conclusions on the past years’ trainings and to strenghten the network of professionals who work with migrants. We hope to achieve that the conference’s 90 participants extend their professional knowledge, learn about other organizations’ work and strenghten their networks.

The duration of the project is: July 1st 2011 to June 30th 2012. The project’s identification number is: EIA/2010/

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