Promoting the Integration of Migrants by Reducing Discrimination

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Attila Mészáros
European Union Transition Facility Programme

The goal of the project is to find, sanction and ultimately reduce incidents of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, colour, economic status, religion and ideology faced by migrants living in Hungary in order to further their integration. To map discrimination against migrants and better understand the discriminatory situations they face Menedék will establish a monitoring network with the participation of NGOs, authorities and organisations that come into contact with migrants on a regular basis. The participants of the monitoring network will forward the incidents that appear to be discriminatory to Menedék, who will then conduct fact finding visits and contact the relevant authorities if necessary. During the project Menedék will provide legal representation to the victims of discrimination in a few important cases before the Equal Treatment Authority. The project shall be accompanied by a campaign and a publication that will attract attention to discrimination faced by migrants and raise public awareness thereof, reducing the prevalence of discrimination.