INVOLVE- immigrants integration through volunteer employment

Project duration
Európai Unió

The INVOLVE project is based on the co-operation between six countries (Austria, France, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary and the Netherlands). The coordinator is the CEV (the European Volunteer Centre) and the moneylender is the European Union through INTI. The aim of the project is to open up opportunities to immigrant’s integration through
volunteer employment. The professionals (coming from the participant countries) try to present their achievements in international conferences and also try to discuss the current difficulties. It is really important that the well-tried practices can be taken over among the countries and also to help each other with the familiar experiences in this area. In the conferences, the civil sphere, the representatives of the economic and policy, work together with the volunteer workers, so beyond the international co-operation, the stratum of the society can also pull together. Beyond these international conferences, searches are made in every country about the economic and judiciary conditions of the volunteer employment, and also about the situation of the immigrant’s integration. From these searches and also from the conferences the people who are interested in them can get really useful information about the immigrant’s integration through volunteer employment in Europe. Although in Hungary it is not so typical that the immigrants want volunteer jobs, but we can find positive examples, and we can be proud that Hungary is one of the countries in the European Union, in where the judiciary conditions are guaranteed for the immigrants to have volunteer jobs.