(en) Kul-turné (Cul-tour)

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Lovig Tímea
European Integration Fund

The project aims at showing a complex picture of the migrant communities living in Hungary. Our programmes offer a multicultural experience for the young people of the host society thus enhance cross cultural dialogue. Kul-turné is financed by the European Integration Fund and is the continuation of last year’s cultural project called „Bevándorló Budapest” (Immigrant Budapest). The project targets cities where universities are located and thus tries to involve young people as they are less dismissive towards foreigners. Looking at the past two decades of migration in Hungary it is clear that the number of foreigners arriving to the country is constantly growing. Migrants settle down mainly in bigger cities, since they come to learn, to start business. Migration is a major topic to deal with in all European countries: ageing societies are in need of new resources, though integration is a challenge everywhere. Organising cultural events is an effective way to prevent arising social tension – the host society gets to know immigrants through cultural and artistic experiences which also support the formation of contacts that would help the process of integration. Outputs: cultural events in four Hungarian cities excluding Budapest Website (www.importhepaj.hu) Interactive maps showing the multicultural spots of these four cities Photo essays on immigrant communities Photo exhibition of immigrant portraits Film competition organized in cooperation with a major video-sharing site „Indavideo.hu”