We are all alike in different ways

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Hetzer Katalin
Európai Integrációs Alap

A new sensitizing program for students kicked off on July 1st 2012, continuing the legacy of the „Familiar strangers” project. The goals of the new project are to raise society’s awareness on migration and to improve sensitivity towards the topic. The project targets a highly receptive group, elementary and middle school-aged children, through delivering interactive, playful, informative activity sessions.  

Participants of the project include one middle school class and one elementary school class from each of the five participating Budapest-based schools, and one elementary school class from each of the five participating schools located in Hungary’s other regions. The project delivers five-session training series for each class of students. Elemetary school children will learn about the unique characteristics of five world regions through playful activities, including looking at pictures together, discussing, learning different ways of writing, reading stories, playing games and preparing arts and crafts pieces representative of the regions. Middle school students will familiarize themselves with cultures, cultural differences and intercultural topics (religion,  dining, clothing, family..etc) through interactive excercises. 

Each participating school will organize a „migrant day” featuring their students of migrant origin and delivering exciting programs to introduce a wider audience of students to the topic.  The project’s closing event, a Migrant Family Day, will take place in Budapest.

The project is supported by the European Union’s European Integration Fund.