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What is it like to live with János Kulka for a couple of days? – Welcome Migrants! video-series has started off

Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants has today launched a video-series and apartment rental program called Welcome Migrants! The participatory docu-series was created with the contribution of Hungarian celebrities and migrants who spent some days together and documented this time by themselves. The campaign and the apartment rental program aim to help migrants, who live and wish to stay in the country, to find a flat easier.

In the first episode of the Welcome Migrants! series, actor and singer János Kulka welcomes a guest in his home for a couple of days: Amin was born in Afghanistan and has lived in Hungary for six years. During the time they spent together, they shot a video-journal together that reflects on their experience in the most authentic way, and provides with unmediated personal accounts. In the course of the Welcome Migrants! campaign (November 30 - December 8), the video will be followed by three others, with the participation of mountain climber Dávid Klein, director Roland Vranik (Fekete Kefe, The Citizen) and his family, and singer-songwriter Vera Jónás. The videos feature the migrant participants from Iran, Afghanistan and Uganda through personal stories, and show how easy it can be to live together despite some cultural differences or language barriers. 

“In the last couple of months, we have experienced that those who have already lived and wish to stay here, started to experience more difficulties. We are in contact with many migrants and refugees who have not been able to find an apartment for months only because a lot of people are afraid of renting their flat to a foreigner. They are refused even though they want to stay in Hungary for a long term and they can also pay the rent” – said András Kováts, Director of Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants about the background of the campaign and apartment rental program. That is why Menedék is expecting the application of potential landlords/ladies who would consider taking steps towards a more inclusive and tolerant society and are willing to rent their apartment or a room to a foreigner (either full price or with some discount). The program also engages social workers and intercultural mediators to help with any rent-related issues and hopefully also to facilitate a more vivid, personal relationship.

You can acces the video-journal of János Kulka and Amin here:

We are looking forward the applications of landlords/-ladies here:

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Lovig Tímea

The campaign and the apartment rental program have been realized with the support of the NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants!