For Undocumented Migrants’ Rights in Central Europe

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Bodolai Anna Borbála

Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants is implementing its project called “For Undocumented Migrants’ Rights in Central Europe” within the framework of the “European Programme for Integration and Migration” (EPIM) between 1st September 2012 and 31st December 2014. Within the project, project partners examine the transposition and the implementation of Directive 2009/52/EC (Sanctions Directive) regulating the legal employment and aiming at eradicating irregular employment of foreign nationals in member states.

The project aims to examine if the Directive actually reaches its goals and protects irregularly employed foreigners and prevents their exploitation.
The project is also providing legal assistance for irregular migrant workers, which is performed by lawyers of the Péteri Law Firm, specialized in the employment of foreigners.
The leaflet of the service is available here.
Within the project, Menedék is also engaged in the cooperation with domestic agencies and authorities regulating the employment of foreigners with the primary objective of promoting the current regulations and correct enforcement of the Directive and the national law.

As part of the project, research is conducted based on interviews with members of national agencies and the target group as well as based on available statistical data. In the final phase of the project, a summary of the research results is concluded, which primarily aims to propose recommendations for the European Union and national agencies and authorities about the regulation.

The lead partner of the project is Association for Legal Intervention (SIP)

Our brochure on employment of migrant workers and migrant workers rights in Hungary is available here.

Our report About the Labour Position of Migrant Workers in Hungary is available here.