Social work with refugees and with beneficiaries of subsidiary protection status

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Lippényi Dóra
Európai Menekültügyi Alap

The project aims to supplement government-supported services in order to enhance the integration of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection status, and in order to ensure that these people enjoy actual long-term protection and less and less of them are inclined to migrate to a different country in the hope of better security.

In order for refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection status to successfully integrate, substantial initial support needs to be provided. Understanding legal provisions, bureaucratic rules, societal norms and cultural traditions, obtaining appropriate accommodation and employment, building personal ties, and learning the Hungarian language all constitute essential conditions for successful integration.

The project aims to meet this environment’s demands with social work methods with special emphasis on individual and team social work.

The team social work approach enables women and children to interact with people in similar situations, to build and maintain interpersonal ties and networks, to work out their common difficulties in a group setting, and to share their success stories with each other. We plan to organize a wide range of team activities and community programs, such as a mom-baby club, a social club, a parent-child club, exercise classes for women, a tutoring service, a Hungarian class, arts and crafts sessions, and excursions.

Our project work includes operating a social counseling service center. This center is available for refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection status in 28 hours a week at our Budapest location. Using individual case study methodology, we aim to help our clients with questions on issues related to institutional, bureaucratic, educational, accommodation and labor market matters. In addition, we assist them in obtaining their legal status, individually managing their lives and resolving intra-family difficulties.

In addition to coaching services, we provide individual psychological counseling to our clients based on their needs, and we organize job seeking and life coaching groups. With help from our volunteers, we help our 400 participants to familiarize with host country culture and to improve their Hungarian language skills. We also organize a summer camp for 10 children.