The services which can help for people and families ( who are in international-defence) to integrate

Project duration

In Budapest, Debrecen, Bicske

With the support of the ERF and the UNHCR, this programme is made to help with the integration of the people who are in international defense in Hungary and to improve the local support network to treat their staff well (healthcare, social work, labour forces).

The aims of the services are to have people and families be able to live the lifestyle on their own, to help them find a job or a place where they can live, to build a support system around them and also to prepare the local support network to be able to deal with special situations.
The main professional activities of the project: the integration to the labour- market, the assistance to find a place where they can live, to use the healthcare and social services, and to get information about education and other issues.

The direct target audience are the foreigners, who got refugee or hosted status in Hungary. The indirect target audience are the workers of the institutions, who can meet with refugees through their job.