Separated Children in Europe Programme 2008

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Gazsó Júlia

It was establised in 1997. This programme was a reaction of the UNHCR and the Save the Children Alliance to take attention for the children, who were seperated from their family and that”a why they didn’t get the social and emotional encouragement. The main aim of the SCEP is to stand for the interests of the children , and this is going on in 28 countries. These separated children need more attention and also more provision. Their rights are declared in international agreements and the SCEP works in order to use these rigts in practice. That’s why in the programme we make a lot of exploration and attitudes, also trainings and experience changing meetings to help the work of the social workers. In the local level we organized actions which try to prove the situation of these affected people. Nowdays the main programme of the SCEP is the Dalphne , in which we want to build up a national youth network. We try to organize meetings among the separated children in different European countries to talk with each other to share their experiences, to talk about the present problems with their situation. The main instruments of this are an online forum and also meeting personally. The first Youth Meeting will be organized in May, in the Netherlands. The language of this network will be english , but everybody can take part, who is between 18 and 25 ages, underage and arrive int he states without attendant. Three of them (children without attendants) are taking part in the work of the Commission, and this programme also built on their ideas. The aim of the common work is that the opinion of the children gets more attention all over Europe and with these tools try to protect the children from the discrimination or the violence. To use this in practice, the members of the organization should look at the children as potential partners and try to invite them to the decision making processes and also into the working rules of the organisation. The project will end in February 2009, with the aim that the Youth Network will work on in a self supported mode. You can read more information about this Dalphne program in the SCEP website : Beyond this actual programme the original activity of SCEP continues:changing informations, searchings among the national partners, to share the good practices and also lobbying in the national and in the EU level. In the last years the SCEP made an excursion and be active not only in the refugee’s case but also in the process of the non refugee children. The outcome of this is that in some states the separated children without attendants who apply for asylum have the same rights as the children who did not apply for asylum. Unfortunately, in Hungary the situation of children with other status , to institutionalized them is still missing.