For Pupils about Migration

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Hetzer Katalin
Európai Integration Fund National Allocation

The project aims at increasing society’s awareness and sensitivity related to migration, as well as strengthening the openness of primary and secondary school-age children. Integration of third country nationals is hindered by the lack of sufficient information and experience in the majority society, the fear from the unknown results in refusal and forming stereotypical opinions as well as in strengthening stereotypical thinking.

Upper grade pupils from five primary schools and pupils from five secondary schools in Budapest (400 altogether) will participate in groups throughout two semesters in the workshops on intercultural topics and the different aspects of migration; groups from three schools in Budapest (teaching a remarkable number migrant children), 36 pupils altogether (16 of which is third country citizen) will participate in the participatory media project throughout a year.

A publication will be assembled with the works of the participating pupils.

As a closing event a student conference will be organised with an exhibition of the photos created during the participatory media project.

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