Programme series for refugee children:

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Medjesi Anna
Oktatási Minisztérium

The Menedék Assosiation starts a new programme in co-operation with the Educational Ministry, which helps the integration to the school of the children who live in Bicske, Békéscsaba and Debrecen. It is very important to reduce the penalties which appear in the educational institutional system. Tke main aim of our project is to revise the objective and subjective conditions in this system. We want to offer some opportunity to the refugee children, in which they get some information about their new surrondings, the habits of the inhabitants, the hungarian culture, and they can also improve their command of language. It is very useful to meet with other cultures, they get a lot of pattern which they can use in their everyday life, and in the same time this is an opportunity to know more about their own culture.
 The programmes for the children in Bicske consist of for exmaple : visiting the Ethnic and Industrial Museum, trips to Szentendre, Somló and Debrecen, going to cinemas and puppet-shows, walking in the ZOO and also going to swim.