Project duration
Responsible for the project
Anna Medjesi
Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)

Refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection in Hungary are entitled to almost entirely the same rights as Hungarian citizens. Still, people in need of international protection have limited access to state provided social, education and health care services and limited opportunities to find steady employment in the labour market. They face various challenges such as lack of Hungarian language knowledge and competence, lack of supporting social connections, too little knowledge about local customs and bureaucratic processes and the hostile, xenophobic attitude of the host society.

The goal of this project is to raise the employment opportunities of vulnerable, underprivileged third-country nationals - especially those of beneficiaries of international protection - and to help them remain on the labour market.

We achieve successful applications and permanent employment by providing complex support both to the job seekers and the employers as well.

Part of our project is a communication campaign called "This is how we work" targeting the employers.

With help of our services the candidates may apply easier for their desired positions, discover new opportunities, set their professional goals, widen their skills and knowledge necessary for employment and improve their mental health:

  • social counselling and mentoring
  • legal counselling
  • mental health support in form of private sessions
  • alternative group therapy sessions
  • job hunter club
  • occupational group therapy
  • internship programmes to achieve work experience
  • tutoring and competence development in Hungarian

Employers can chose from the following services:

  • recruitment of candidates, assistance in establishing contact
  • social and legal counselling, professional mentoring
  • a community to exchange professional experiences
  • an info brochure about employing third-country nationals

All the above services are provided by a team of qualified experts: professional social workers, legal counsellor, psychologist and intercultural mediator contribute to our work. The project is supported by volunteers. 

Time frame of the project: 1st of June, 2016 – 30th of July, 2018