Information Points for Asylum Seekers in the Budapest Transit Zones

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Zentai Lilla

The purpose of this project is to set up information points (helpdesks) for asylum-seekers and the civil society activists helping them at the newly opened migration transit zones at the three main railway stations in Budapest.

Our aim is to provide accurate information to asylum seekers about the Hungarian Asylum System:

  • legal background of the asylum application and the changes of this area
  • information related to the integration support provided for the recognised refugees
  • information about the steps of the asylum case, family reunification, about gaining citizenship,
  • information about the services provided in the reception centres

If needed, our colleagues can mediate between the asylum seekers and the representatives of the authorities involved (the Police, the Railway Company, the Budapest Transit Centre). Our presence can have a monitoring function as well, operating a case referral system toward the UNHCR, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Ombudsman’s Office and other organisations safeguarding the rule of law, and representing the interests of the asylum seekers.

Human resources of the information point in 8 hours per day:
2 social workers in 20 hours per week in each location, providing individual and group information sessions as well as coordinating the reach-out activities of the intercultural mediators;
2 native translators / intercultural mediators in 20 hours per week in each location – they will counsel people and families individually with the supervision of the social workers, as well as they will interpret for the social workers in their counselling and information activities.