Familiar Strangers

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Hetzer Kata
Európai Integrációs Alap

The project’s goals are to sensitize elementary school-aged children to migration, to develop their intercultural and social competencies, and to increase their sense of acceptance.  These goals are to be achieved through interactive, playful, informative training courses. We find it important to introduce children to the topic at such a young age, because they still are highly receptive of new information and experiences, and they do not possess significant misconceptions and negative opinions just yet. 

As far as our project’s operational structure goes, our project trainees deliver five-session training series at Budapest schools. During such sessions, children familiarize themselves with five differing world regions and the unique characteristics of each region. In addition, partaking in the arts and crafts activities incorporated in each session, children create their own craft pieces symbolizing the region in question.

Activity booklets, containing plenty of pictures, information and playful games on world regions, are produced under the project to enable teachers to individually cover the sessions’ topics.