ERF projects

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Szász Ildikó
Európai Menekültügyi Alap, Magyar Köztársaság

Social services to the improvement of receptional conditions

The aim of the service is to reduce the negative impact of the trauma which occurred in the course of escaping, the stress in the strange environment and in the unsettled life situation. We also try to reduce the degree of hospitalization, prohibit psychic/ sentimental decadence of individuals and the failure of family relations.
The project gives information, represents interests, mental hygiene, caring during the waiting period under recourse judiciary (menedékjogi) process, as well as other communal and free time activities to the refugees who are living in the reception center in Békéscsaba and Debrecen.

Social services to refugees and protected

One of the main goals of the project is to forward the integration of individuals and families who have refugee or protected legal status, to enable them to have a self-sufficient life, to forward the labour market integration, to ensure their residence; to build and boost a supporting system and to capacitate the local supplier system (which has catering responsibility) to be able to solve special problems.
We realize all this in Budapest, with the instruments of social guidance, and affair work, in the course of the following activities: information, direct assistance and representation of interests in the field of labour-market integration, residence, medic, social catering, family unifying, education, acquisition and interpretation of documents and in discrimination cases etc. In addition we ensure the possibility to acquire computer skills and job finding technology.

Residence service to the labour-market integration

One purpose of the project is to boost the integration of individuals and families who have refugee or protected legal status. The aim of the service to enable the individuals/families to have a self-sufficient life, to forward the labour-market integration and ensure the residence of them. The main activities of the project: ensure free accommodation for 7 people in a labour hostel (in Budapest) for max. 18 weeks during the beginning time of labour-market integration, in line with this labour-market integration, assistance for self-sufficient life and given travelling support.