Complex support initiatives aimed at potential returnees

Project duration
Responsible for the project
Bártfai Henriett
Európai Visszatérési Alap

Based on current legislation and policies, those foreigners who undergo detention procedures might spend months at police-run detention facilities. It was instrumental to develop a primarily social services-focused information and counseling program that helps to ease the psychological, mental and physical effects of being detained, and that enables detainees’ future reintegration into society.

The project’s goals are to improve the Kiskunhalas and Nyírbátor-based detention centers’ detainees’ chances of return and reintegration. In order to provide proper access to information for these potential returnees, internet rooms are made available at each location.    

The project delivers return-related advice and guidance to the target group, and aims to alleviate detainees’ decreasing mental health conditions. In addition, it provides professional help in creating individual reintegration strategies.

The project’s social workers provide individual consultation sessions to detainees, coach them on the potential opportunities in their countries of return, co-design individual reintegration strategies with returnees and help them to establish contact with international and local rights and social organizations.

Community social workers deliver community programs matching the detainees’ interests, thereby presenting them with productive ways to spend their time in detention, to better structure their time, and to ease the pain of being detained. The project is delivered in collaboration with our partner, the National Police Department.