Project duration
Responsible for the project
Zsuzsa László
Western Union

The project aims to promote pre-integration school sessions for unaccompanied minors and young children of asylum seeker families. The project is carried out in two locations: Children's Home for Unaccompanied Minors in Fót (Károlyi István Children's Center) and in Bicske reception centre (Immigration and Citizenship Office Reception Centre).

The activities are lead by two experienced professionals with assistance and volunteer in every weekday regardless the periodic system of the school year. The overall aim of the sessions is to help children integrate more smoothly to the Hungarian school system. The pre-primary school activities focus on basic subjects such as maths, Hungarian grammar, Latin letters, geography, etc. Together with the lingual development we are using non-verbal techniques as well. Besides pre-integration to the school system it is also important to improve the community skills, cooperation and problem solving.

Furthermore we provide several sport, art and leisure activities in order to reduce the stress and traumas developed by their living conditions and extraordinary life situation with the support of a child psychologist.