About Us

Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants is involved in promoting the social integration of foreign citizens migrating into Hungary, as well as Hungarian and other citizens emigrating from here for more than twenty years.

In the course of our work we have established a complex system of services, through which we have supported and continue to support thousands of refugees and other foreigners in finding a new home in our country. We have colleagues working in Bicske, Budapest, Fót and Vámosszabadi.

We organise and run training courses for professionals who deal with immigrants in the course of their work (social workers, teachers, police officers or armed security guards working in immigration detention centres).

Besides the support of immigrants and professionals, it is very important for us to make the majority society more open toward and accepting of foreigners arriving in our country, as this is an indispensible condition for the successful integration of migrants. In order to achieve this, we try to build a bridge between the host society and immigrants by realising various educational and cultural projects and programmes.

We pursue our objectives as a not-for-profit association independent from politics.  We are not involved in direct political activities and do not receive funds or give financial support to political parties.

Our work is supported by many volunteers.

Members of the Association

  • Antal Örkény - President
  • Ágnes Hárs - Vice-President
  • Boldizsár Nagy - Vice-President
  • György Péteri - Supervisory Board- President
  • Renáta Czinkotai - Supervisory Board- Member
  • Attila Melegh - Supervisory Board- Member
  • Katalin Bognár - member
  • Renáta Czinkotai - member
  • Roland Gyékiss - member
  • Katalin Haraszti - member
  • Andrea Hrivnák - member
  • Linda Huber - member
  • Éva Józsa - member
  • András Kováts - member
  • Ferenc Kőszeg - member
  • Attila Mészáros - member
  • Pál Nyíri - member
  • Andrea Szobolits - member
  • Judit Tóth - member
  • Zoltán Várhalmi - member

Staff working for the Association



  • András Kováts - Director
  • Katalin Bognár - Head of training and integration services
  • Ildikó Szász - Supervisor of psycho-social services at detention facilities
  • Dóra Lippényi - Finance manager
  • Anna Medjesi - Project staff
  • Tímea Lovig - Project manager
  • Kata Jávor - Project manager
  • Zsuzsa László - Project staff
  • Aranka Papp - Accountant
  • Ágota Hegedűs - Project assistant
  • Andrea Märcz - Social worker
  • Katalin Hetzer - Community organizer
  • Dariush Rezai - Intercultural mediator
  • Samira Sinai - Intercultural mediator
  • Szijer Ahmed - Intercultural mediator
  • Márton Bisztrai - Social worker
  • Ildikó Barcza - Social worker
  • Attila Szabó - Legal advisor
  • Lilla Zentai - Social worker


  • Kornél Sándor - Social worker
  • Hunor Major - Social worker
  • Éva Adóba - Social worker


  • Zsuzsanna Perák - Social worker
  • István Kiss - Social worker
  • Orsolya Farkas - Social worker
  • Vivien Orosz - Social worker
  • Dominika Berta - Social worker


  • Tamás Pesty - Social worker


  • Nikolett Pataki - Educator
  • Zsombor Lakatos - Educator assistant


  • Zsófia Grunzó - Educator
  • Melinda Surga - Educator assistant


  • Brigitta Kertai - Educator